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  • Hi Amy, Just sent you an email with a comparison spreadsheet we used. ------------------------------ Janet Hadjar CSME VP Marketing Family Trust FCU Rock Hill SC 585.694.7682 ------------------------------

  • Hmm, sorry group.  My recent post is more appropriate for the remote worker topic rather than flex schedules.  Not sure how I messed that up! ------------------------------ Debra Evans President/CEO Embark FCU Great Falls MT 406.791.2861 ----------- ...

  • I stand corrected- we do have both the policy and the telework agreement in place.  I will attach them here and get them in the library as well. ------------------------------ Debra Evans President/CEO Embark FCU Great Falls MT 406.791.2861 -------- ...

  • Telecommuting is something new we are implementing just within the last week.  We have a total of 4 employees in the program.  The Supervisor's identified key positions/employees that could succeed in this environment and then they offered it to the employees.  ...

  • ​I would also be interested in learning about what everyone is doing in relation to flexible scheduling (base level coverages in various areas/ departments) and telecommuting as well. We have experimented here with telecomuting when people relocate to ...

A Word From Our CEO, John Pembroke

Training Is for Today, Developing Leaders Is for Tomorrow

The best staff education programs include both technical and leadership learning.

You’ve probably heard the story about the employees who were riding bicycles with square tires. While they were working incredibly hard to go bump-bump-bump down the way, someone ran alongside them and said: “Hey, I have round wheels. Can you stop a moment and try them?” The employees kept pedaling and answered, “No, we’re too busy pedaling.”
Lots of times this anecdote is told simply to illustrate a lack of openness to innovation. I think it is also valuable to consider it from an employee learning perspective.  
The employees pedaling bicycles with square wheels can be of any age—young people coming out of college or longtime staff members. They have a certain set of skills and are willing to work hard to put those skills to work. But they don’t have the technical skills to help them do the next job that will be needed to move their company along—they have no skills in riding with round tires. They also lack the soft skills needed to respond well to the changing world around them—to be open to different tires or to lead their team to change tires.





Members Shout Out

New Position:

Gene Novello is the new president/CEO of TECH CU, Crown Point, IN, replacing the retiring Mike Hussey.

John Howard will succeed the retiring Peter Matthews as president/CEO of Merrimack Valley CU, Lawrence, MA.

Direct FCU, Needham, Massachusetts, recently announced three new executive-level promotions: Michael Ferreer as SVP/chief experience officer, Amy Horan as SVP/CLO and Brian Medeiros as SVP/CIO.

Bridgewater CU, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, has merged with Merrimack Valley CU, Lawrence, Massachusetts, and will operate as “Bridgewater Credit Union, a division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union.”

Michigan State University FCU, East Lansing, has received the National Best and Brightest in Wellness™ award.

Canvas CU, Lone Tree, CO, has been awarded 2019 Great Place to Work certification.

The mortgage team of Elevations CU, Boulder, CO, was recognized as a 2019 Ellie Mae Hall of Fame award winner for efficiency and ROI gains.

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